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    René Pomaré

    You just need to have a body to be a future athlete

    Diplomierter FIF*-Trainer in BodyBuilding, Cardio Fitness, Circuit Fitness, Functional Training, Kettlebell Training, Suspension Training, Spartan System, Bodyweight&Joint Mobility und Core Training.
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    360° Functional Training, Suspension Training, BodyBuilding, Spartan System
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    Federica Piras

    If you don’t make mistakes, you aren’t really trying.

    Diplomierte Sportwissenschaftlerin; Qualifizierte FIF*-Trainerin in Musical Fitness, Körperstärkung, Choreographic Fitness, Acquagymnastik, Super Jump, Joy Walk uvm.
    Trainer der:
    Super Jump, Spinning, BBP, Step...
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